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Posted by elantia on 2005.08.28 at 17:24
It has taken me a while to decide this because I am terrible at making decisions, but this is a two-part competition.

The first part is sticking to the tradition of making graphics, although this time a little more fun and personal. This competition starts today (28th Aug) and all submissions must be in by the 10th September (thats 2 weeks!). Voting starts on the 11th September.

This competition is simple and fun- I want you all to draw your own monster! Using paint/photoshop whatever I want to see some creativity here! A brief decription of your creature and his abilites and name is also required!

The second part is a promotion competition- I want to see which user can bring in the most new users! Pormote and encourage in any way, and request new users tell us who they heard this from! The user with the most newcomers gets to decide the next promotion related comptetion!

any questions?


Let the new competition begin!

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